Teakdek Protect

Teakdek Protect

Stain-resistant protective coating for wood

Teakdek Protect is a partially fluorinated, 100% eco-friendly emulsion that dries at room temperature, formulated for applications on Teak surfaces.
It offers excellent resistance to oil and alcohol penetration, and exceptional water repellency.
It was developed to protect Teak products and surfaces in the long term from the
environmental and atmospheric aggressions to which they are subjected.
It prevents the formation of mold and efflorescence and allows the
aesthetic characteristics of the original material to be maintained for a long time.
It is a protective stain-resistant coating, permeable to vapours; allows the substrate
to breathe naturally, reducing the risk of cracks or damage
due to freeze/thaw cycles.

Teakdek Protect complies with all current regulations relating to the emission
of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.
Simple to use and does not change the color of the Teak on which it has been applied. Check the conformity of the result in a decentralized area before proceeding to treat large surfaces.
Creates an effective barrier to dirt which facilitates ordinary cleaning operations.

Uses : stain-proof and water-repellent protection of Teak surfaces.

Physical properties :
Appearance: opal emulsion
Density: @ 25 °C: 1.08 g/ml
pH: 8.0
Water solubility: complete
Boiling point: approx. 100°C

The product is ready to use, do not dilute with water or solvents.

Surface Preparation: Clean surfaces thoroughly before
application. Remove inorganic deposits, limescale, salt, traces of oil or grease.

Application: apply with brush, sponge or roller.

Vertical surfaces: Also use a low-pressure spray system, brush, sponge or roller. Saturate the surfaces. Dry any drips to uniform the coverage. Apply from bottom to top.

Horizontal surfaces: saturate with the product by applying it wet-on-wet.
Use a sufficient quantity of product to keep the surfaces moistened for at least 5 minutes.
Remove any excess using a brush or absorb with a cloth.
Product consumption decreases after each application.

Attention: an excessive number of applications could slightly change the aesthetic appearance of the surface.

Subsequent treatments: it may be appropriate to repeat the treatment over time to maintain constant protection. Apply with the same procedure followed previously. If necessary, brighten the surface with fine abrasive paper to facilitate penetration of the product.

Drying: the product is dry to the touch in 1-2 hours. The treated surfaces can
be walked on again in the following 12-24 hours. Protect the treated surfaces from
direct contact with water until completely dry (24h).

Coverage: approximately 12 m2/Lt.
The porosity, structure and nature of the surfaces influence the yield of the product.
If possible, directly check the absorbency of the surface to be treated to
obtain an exact evaluation of the quantities needed.

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