Qualitec technology Award 2023

Greensailor winner first prize for sustainable and innovative products at Seatec in Carrara 2023.

The final frontier of foul release

Greensailor brings to the market the product that was missing, a brand new
protective paint for hulls and submerged metal parts (propellers, shafts, flaps, lift, etc.), easy to use, without technical restrictions, extremely long-lasting and totally free of biocides, copper or substances that could be dissolved in the seas.

The result of 10 years of research is now available on the market, 100% sustainable, it makes your boat faster by reducing consumption. This is Greensailor holistic approach to the nautical world.


Our Company

The Greensailor Project was born in 2011 from the visionary intuition of Paolo Nosenzo, who imagined developing and producing protective paints for boats that respect the marine environment.

Ease of use, protection of marine biodiversity, elimination of environmental impact and reduction of shipowner costs, optimizing navigation performance: these were the primary objectives that guided the birth of the project. Greensailor not only creates innovative products but is also actively committed to protecting the marine environment..

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Revolutionize Sustainable Sailing with Greensailor’s Foul Release Antifouling Paints

In its constant commitment to sustainable navigation, Greensailor positions itself at the forefront thanks to its foul release antifouling paints, an innovative solution that is changing the panorama of underwater surface protection.

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