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Greensailor, thanks to the R&D department, has developed an innovative formulation that makes the hull easy to clean without killing encrusting microorganisms and without modifying the ecosystem by dispersing toxic and polluting material, as traditional antifouling paints do, some of which contain again biocides or copper.

This formulation adapted to the different submerged surfaces creates an extremely slippery and very hard film, not released into the water and from which microorganisms and marine and lake vegetation can be easily removed. Removal occurs very simply: with the movement of the boat (over 15 Kn) or with abrasive sponges, underwater drones (Keelcrab drone: for more information: www.keelcrab.com) or pumps with medium/high pressure water

Yes, both can be used on multiple surfaces that can remain immersed for long periods of time.

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Warmer water in general has a greater production of fouling and therefore may request more frequent cleaning operations. The durability of the coating is not expected to change.

At the end of the season the boat can be washed as indicated above, left in the water or on land. Being out of water does not harm the performance of Greenhull and Greenprop.

Although the amount and type of fouling may differ from freshwater to saltwater, Greenhull and Greenprop works in both environments

The extensive range of basic colors, already available, also allows them to be mixed together to obtain new colors.

The product lends itself to various application methods: airless, roller or brush.

Greenfondo performs this task so, if it is not already present on the hull, it is not necessary to apply a coat of another primer before it. Once you have applied Greenfondo you can proceed with the treatment with Greenhull  within 30 days.

Both products have environmental warnings on the label because the liquid parts still pose some health risks, similar to any paint. Once the product has been mixed and polymerized, the dangerous elements have reacted and remain bound and trapped in the paint without dispersing into the marine environment.

Our paint covers on average 6-7 square meters per kg, do not “pull” the material beyond. By sending us the data of your boat via email (waterline length, maximum beam, draft) we will be able to indicate the quantity of the requested products you need.

Old antifouling paint must be removed to ensure a smooth, peel-free surface.

Sand as usual according to standard directions, clean the surface with acetone or a thinner.

Make sure that dust, sanding residues and other contaminants have been completely removed by carrying out the last step with soap and water and finally rinsing.

Previously applied classic antifouling paints are designed to dissolve in water, so new paint applied over top will also peel off into the environment. It is therefore necessary to remove them perfectly before applying the primer and continue with the complete cycle to ensure maximum duration of the treatment.

Greenhull: must be applied on Greenfondo in a window time starting from 8 hours to a maximum of 30 days.

The period necessary to let Greenhull and Greenprop cure is 72 hours. There is no maximum waiting time, as the product does not deteriorate out of water.

The product does not kill fouling, the slippery surface makes their adhesion more difficult; the context changes depending on the seasons and the type of water.

The removal of the fouling occurs with the methods indicated above: movement of the boat, abrasive sponge, Keelcrab drone (for more information: www.keelcrab.com) high pressure pump.

Applying a new coat of Greenhull to the entire hull is possible. It is necessary to sand the hull with medium/fine grain paper. Sanding will roughen the previous layer enough to allow the new layer to adhere to the surface without the need to apply Greenfondo (if it remains visible). Clean with solvent immediately before application so that there is no dust on the surface.

Yes, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions

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