The protective treatment for plastics and chromed nautical accessories that makes the difference.

When it comes to maintaining the beauty and integrity of chrome marine accessories, you can’t rely on common solutions. This is where Greenchrome comes into play, an innovative protective treatment, transparent or pigmentable, specifically designed to protect the plastics and chrome accessories of boats from encrustations due to salt and UV rays.

Greenchrome was developed with an advanced formula that combines cutting-edge technology and ease of use. This means that you will not only get amazing results for your chrome surfaces, but you will also do it efficiently.
Greenchrome creates an invisible barrier on the surface of plastics and chrome accessories so you can say goodbye to water stains, corrosion, damage caused by UV rays and salt.

Furthermore, Greenchrome is easy to apply and offers exceptional durability over time. Once applied correctly, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary protective treatment for a long time without having to repeat it frequently.

Don’t compromise the quality of your chrome nautical accessories, choose Greenchrome as your trusted ally to maintain their original beauty. Find out today how Greenchrome can make a difference in your boating experience.
100% Made in Italy

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