GREENPROP is a transparent, pigmentable product dedicated to the metals of the hull, including shafts and propellers.

Welcome to the world of Greenprop, the cutting-edge protective system for steel, propellers and submerged metals. In an era where environmental sustainability has become a top priority, Greenprop stands out as an ecologically sustainable solution for the protection of submerged metals.

With Greenprop, we not only ensure effective protection against wear and corrosion of steels and propellers, but we do so without compromising the surrounding environment. Our foul release system is designed to avoid any harmful emissions into the water, thus preserving the integrity of marine ecosystems.

The use of the Greenprop system offers numerous advantages for both boats and the environment. By minimizing the damaging effects of marine deposits on steels and propellers, we are able to extend the useful life of these valuable materials. This translates into less consumption of natural resources and less waste resulting from frequent replacement of damaged parts.

Furthermore, thanks to its eco-sustainable nature, the Greenprop system can contribute to obtaining important environmental certifications for the boats or structures that use it. This not only demonstrates a concrete commitment to protecting the environment but can also provide a competitive advantage in the maritime sector.

Choosing Greenprop means making a responsible choice for the future of our planet. With our protective system, we can preserve the beauty and integrity of the oceans and seas, allowing vessels to sail sustainably and without harming the environment.

Join us in promoting a vision of progress that embraces environmental protection. Discover how Greenprop can transform your maritime experience by offering an effective, environmentally sustainable and uncompromising solution for the protection of steel, propellers and immersed metals.
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