Protective special paint for dinghies and tenders without emissions into the water

Welcome to the section dedicated to Greentender, the protective and painting treatment for dinghies and tenders. In this section we will explore the benefits of using Greentender as a non-polluting solution for protecting and painting your inflatable boats.

One of the distinctive features of Greentender is the excellent protection against atmospheric agents, such as UV rays, water salinity and oxidation, making daily cleaning extremely easy. Its advanced formula allows for prolonged paint life on inflatable surfaces, ensuring greater resistance to corrosion and the negative effects of prolonged exposure to salt water and UV ray.

Already during application you will discover the presence of micro-holes in the gum-fabric from which the pressure causes the air to escape, making it frequent to need to be reintroduced. Well, these holes will be sealed forever by Greentender, making the use of your inflatable boat more pleasant.In addition to its protective effectiveness, Greentender also offers a wide range of colors and finishes to suit your aesthetic preferences. Whether you want a classic or modern look for your vessel, Greentender gives you the flexibility to customize your dinghy or tender to your unique style.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a protective and paint treatment for dinghies and tenders that is environmentally friendly, Greentender is the ideal solution. Thanks to Greentender you can enjoy your marine adventures knowing you are making a reliable choice.
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