Two-component anti-corrosion Foul Release protective product

The Greenhull is an innovative 100% non-polluting and sustainable solution for the protection of boats. This product does not contain copper, biocides or microplastics, thus ensuring there are no releases into the seas.

Foul release is a new generation technology which, once applied to the hull of boats, allows it to be cleaned extremely easily, avoiding the dispersion of the product in the sea. This particularity makes it 100% sustainable and non-polluting, as it protects the marine environment while offering a series of practical advantages to shipowners.

By using Greenhull, owners can enjoy greater efficiency and performance of their vessel without compromising the marine ecosystem. Its innovative formulation ensures prolonged life and less extraordinary maintenance, replaced by normal cleaning cycles to keep the hull always at maximum performance.

Choosing Greenhull means making a responsible choice towards the environment, a safe and effective way to sail in harmony with the sea we love.
This cutting-edge product represents an important step forward in antifouling technology, offering an effective solution that meets the needs of navigators aware of environmental impact.
100% Made in Italy

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